South Asian Languages Workshop: Program

The venue for the workshop is WLH 119  for Friday Sep 28 and Rosenfeld Hall for Saturday Sep 29 and Sunday Sep 30.

Map of useful locations here.

[pdf] of the workshop program.

Fri 9/28 845-915  Registration and breakfast
  915-930 Opening remarks
  930-1030 Miriam Butt (Konstanz):  A comparative look at the future in Indo-Aryan
  1030-1100 Alice Davison (Iowa) Reversible and non reversible dative subjects: a structural account
  1100-1115 Coffee break
  1115-1145 Andrea Drocco (Turin) Encoding reduced transitivity in Hindi: the case of compound verbs 
  1145-1215 Ashwini Deo (Yale) The performativity of aspect: imperfective assertions in Marathi
  1215-200 Lunch
  200-230 Anuradha Sudharshan (EFLU):  Discrepancies between negative and non-negative clauses in Kannada: A historical account
  230-300 Nagarajan Selvanathan (Rutgers):  Rightward-Extraction and Focus in Tamil
  300--315 Coffee break
  315-345 Narayan Sharma (SOAS): Argument structure in Puma
  345-415 Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten and Anisa Schardl (UMass Amherst): Tshangla conjectural questions
  415-430 Coffee break
  430-530 David Peterson (Dartmouth): Applicative constructions at the South Asian peripheri
   630-  Workshop dinner at Sitar
Sat 9/29         930-1030 Paul Kiparsky (Stanford) Syntactic drift: grammatical case and agreement in Indo-Iranian
  1030-1100 Moreno Mitrovic (Cambridge): Unifying conjunctive and quantificational coordination in Sanskrit
  1100-1115  Coffee break
  1115-1145      Amalia Gnanadesikan (Maryland): The Unaffected Honorific: Honorific verbs as double causatives and related phenomena in Dhivehi
  1145-1215 John Beavers (UT Austin) and Cala Zubair (UNC Wilmington): Dative case in Sinhala: A semantically constrained default
  1215-200  Lunch
  200-230 Emily Manetta (Vermont): Markedness and Syncretism in the Kashmiri Clitic System
  230-300 Adriana Molina Munoz (UIUC): On the right peripheri: Study of right-peripheral relative clauses in Hindi-Urdu
  300-315 Coffee break
  315-445 Building historical  corpora for South Asian Languages: Issues and Directions (Miriam Butt, Rajesh Bhatt, Vit Bubenik,  Paul Kiparsky,  Ashwini Deo)
  445-500  Break
  500-600  Vit Bubenik (Memorial University):  On the Middle Indo-Aryan Origins of the Aspectual System of Domari and Romani
Sun 9/30 900-1000 Rajesh Bhatt (UMass Amherst): Many and more
  1000-1030 Diti Bhadra (Rutgers): On the existence of a restricted Null Object parameter and V-stranding VP Ellipsis in Bangla
  1030-1045  Coffee break
  1045-1115 Satarupa Das (CUNY): On the semantics of the -le construction in Bangla
  1115-1145 Priyanka Biswas (USC): Two types of plurals in Bangla
  1145-1200 Coffee break
  1200-100 Veneeta Dayal (Rutgers): Bare Nominals: Definite, Indefinite, Pseudo-­‐indefinite Readings

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