Systematic Semantic Change: Program

Nautilus (Edward Weston 1927)

The venue for the symposium is UTC 4.112 (on Fri April 5) and CLA 1.302B (on Sat April 6). 

Map of useful locations 




[pdf] of the workshop program 


Fri 04/05 845-915 Registration and breakfast
  915-930 Opening remarks

Laurence Horn (Yale) When implicatures freeze: R-based semantic change in the lexicon and beyond

  1020-1050 Daniel Gutzmann (Frankfurt) Pragmaticalization and multidimensional semantics
  1050-1120 Coffee break
  1120-1210 Elizabeth Traugott (Stanford) A constructional perspective on semantic change

 Lukasz Jedrzejowski (ZAS) On the origin of raising predicates: a systematic semantic change?

  1240-220 Lunch
  220-250 Ailis Cournane (Toronto) Developing the Modal Cycle: L1 learner reanalysis of event-relative modal semantics
  250-320 Igor Yanovich (MIT) Semantic evolution of Old English *motan: possibility-necessity collapse
  320-350 Coffee break
  350-440 Cleo Condoravdi (Stanford) Strengthening and Weakening in Semantic Change 


   600-  Reception at the Glickman Center
Sat 04/06 830-900 Breakfast
  900-950 Roumyana Pancheva(USC) Historical variation in comparative meanings
  950-1020 Patricia Amaral (UNC) Degree expressions and indefiniteness in Portuguese and Spanish: a diachronic link
  1020-1050 Coffee break
  1050-1120     Chiara Gianollo (Koeln) The specificity of aliquis from Latin to Romance
  1120-1150 Andrea Beltrama (Chicago)  Presupposing scalarity from Latin to Italian. The case of the suffix –issimo.
  1150-1240 Regine Eckardt (Gottingen) Coming into Focus
  1240-200  Lunch
  200-250 Scott Schwenter (OSU) Indeterminacy and the Grammaticalization of the Spanish Present Perfect
  250-320 Julia Thomas (Chicago) Grammaticization Driven by Social Meaning: An Illustration with Finna
  320-350 Coffee break
  350-420 Mike Pham (Chicago) Class term compounding as a semantic bleaching process in classifier emergence
  420-510 Oesten Dahl (Stockholm) On the origin of remoteness markers
  510-520  Break
  520-600  Discussion


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